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mister friday and all his friends

find yourself lost

8 May 1989
meet the nobody.

20, Berlin/Germany, music is my life, language freak iPod lover, addicted to Starbucks coffee & Kinder Riegel, morning grouch, totally imperfect, student, message board junkie, loves words like bitch or slut but never means them in the mean way, talks nonsense 100 % of the time, in love with last.fm & nothing / no one else, still buys cds, is a total camwhore (see on the left)...

You can't help, but love me. - seriously. It's also serious that you can't take me seriously, as most of the time I'm joking around, talking lots of bullshit. My friend say I'm quite lovely and a good listener, but you know... what about getting an idea of myself on your own? just message me. xoxo

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I like my money right where I can see it - hangin' in my closet.
- Carrie Bradshaw

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